Industrial Heat - Technologies And Plantbulding For Silicate Products, Bulks, Powders

- Consultings - Technological Analysis - Project Design And Management - Sales -


Company: In 1996 I founded a firm and engineering bureau. The last 6 years before I was a member of the s t e i m e r company Augsburg. For more than 35 years I have been involved in engineering and projekt development in the brick-, tiles- and other ceramic industries. Before that I was engaged with cement-, and other powder technologies and preparation of raw materials. All of this activities included research, project-development, project-management, the supervision of the construction and the installation period and first stage of production. As a result of this activities you can get a lot of experiance from one hand, on a high level, in a wide field. It exists in Germany and Europe much connections with other companies and suppliers, so we can used to the advantages of costumers.
All projects that were designed and installed entirely under my supervision were successfully. This is do to two basic principles:

  • the careful scrutiny and judgment of the situation
  • the responsibility I feel for my clients and customers must have absolute priority

Thus I try to gain and further the confidence of my old and my prospective customers.
Generally all engineering works we do as an independent firm by using the longtime experiance and co-operations on this fields of business.
One of the main points of sale, respectively burners and heat technology components are product-groups manufactured like in the former steimer-company, Augsburg and from a succed company firmed with the name: High-Tech Brennsysteme GmbH , Plattling (D ). This is a result of the former Steimer-team experiance in this field from more than 40 years and the worldwide delivering of such products. In the named HTBS-company it is possible to manufacture taylor-made burners and plants for all special purposes in best level of quality.


Our Services- Investigations:


  • basic process and project research, optimisations
  • including of the raw material aspects in this works
  • arranging of tests (labor and technology)
  • Cement technology problems
  • consultations, expert
  • controls and supervision in all periods of projects
  • arrange / sales of second-hand machines and plants

Supply Services Innovations:

New types of High-Velocity Burners special for top firing systems;
Update plants for storage, distribution and burning of heavy-oil/masut in a clean, maintainless explanation;
Burners for heavy-oil fuel - combined plants with change switching between gas and heavy oil;
Firing plants for heating of clay bodies in mixers and extruders.
Cutter technics for clay bodies from extruders.


Supply Sercvices- Overview

  • All kinds of burners, complete plants, feeding and storing systems
    (all kinds of gas, liquid fuels, coals, scraps of wood and other materials, mixed systems)
  • Dry plants, components and Dry-buildings, components of renovation and updating
    (incl. planning, reconstruction and optimizing of economy and efficiency)
  • Technologies for using of waste-heat, heat-recovery
  • Heat technologies for material preparing, f. i. at mixers and extruders
    (We operate with a special burner plant at the clay bodies and similar goods directly!)
  • Special constructions and machines, cutter-technics
  • Second-hand plants and machines with project-company

Bulk material technologies for all stages of the production and distribution.

  • Crushing, granulation
  • Fine grinding (wet / dry)
  • Classifying / separating
  • Screening
  • Compacting and pelletising
  • Drying


Export Overseas And Comparable:

Besides the delivery of plants (mainly overseas) we also can supply only main equipments, which are requested for the process, by using delivery on the site as much as possible, assisted by our engineering. The integration and modification of existing systems as also second-hand equipment can be included for the costumers advantages. Cooperations and experiences exist in the Middle-East and Far-East countries.

We have given an all-embracing technological advice to some famous bricks- and tiles companies in the recent time in and out of Europ (see references in the german part).

We implemented a comprehensive reconstruction of a brick factory in all technological stages according to our own designs and the German state of technology. Customer: German-Uzbekistan Company Steinert-Ind.